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Why You Fail in Weight Loss Program

You might join various weight loss programs previously in losing weight. Your weight went down and bounced back in short while like roller coaster. Now you start to wonder whether you are naturally born as obese people because you just cannot slim down.

If you or your friends are the person I mentioned about, please invest few minutes in my article before you decide giving up in losing weight. If you understand correct weight loss concept as recommended in healthy weight loss program, you will find that losing weight and keep it off is not a mission impossible.

Below are 3 main reasons why you cannot slim down according to a healthy weight loss program:

1) Mental health

I know this might sound funny to you. But if you have already tried few times in any weight loss program and yet want to lose weight now, you need to consider seriously about this important reason. In fact, you need to take a moment to evaluate how READY your mental state is to meet the demands of the weight loss program action plan.

Mental State

Do you want to lose weight or commit to lose weight? You must realize that committing in weight loss program is going to require inner strength and discipline. A lot of people want to lose weight, but they do not treat it as important thing in their life.

They will skip the exercise when it is raining, or maybe the day is too sunny or too cold for them; or the fitness center is just too far in that day because of the traffic jam and this spoils their exercise mood. When they over eat today, they will say their weight loss program is starting from tomorrow, or they think they can cover up by eating less in next few days. They prefer natural diet pills. All these don’t work at all.

The conclusion: If you do not commit in losing weight, then it is better you don’t over expect your weight loss results.

Do you really believe deeply in your heart that you can lose weight and keep it off forever? I ask this question to most of the friends that want to slim down but finally fail to lose weight. At first, they will say of course, because they have spent so much money and time doing all the things required in that particular weight loss program. Here the point comes. They never answer directly to my question whether they believe enough that they can slim down. So I ask them again and again the same question, until they get their answers. Normally, they admit that they think the weight loss plan might help in certain extent, but they do not believe they can lose to their desired weight and maintain such weight in the long run. If you are in the same condition, please find out why you do not believe in yourself; whether are you have unrealistic weight loss target or you have no idea about what you should eat and do. I will discuss about these 2 points later.

Who want you to lose weight?

Some people join a weight loss program simply because their family members want them to join it. Can you guess the final results? You have the right answer.

They will not succeed in losing weight. If you are not the person who deciding for yourself that you want to slim down, don’t waste your money and time.

However, if you are already in a weight loss program now and you don’t want to waste money, then find a good reason for yourself to lose weight. If you really cannot get any, then don’t lose weight.

Emotional Relationship to Food

Besides, please consider the emotional relationship to food. Generally, we eat food when we feel anxious, stressed, or bored. We normally will turn to carbohydrates such as biscuits, cakes, cookies, pie, sugar or fats. Why? This is because eating carbohydrates stimulates the production of serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates our mood. It is just similar to take medically prescribed antidepressants, which enhance your mood and make you feel better. So, please get some eating tips for weight loss and always aware when you want to put some food in your mouth. A healthy weight loss program always concern about diet and nutrition besides perform right weight loss exercise.

2) Weight loss concept

Before you decide joining any weight loss program, please have thorough understanding about weight loss concept, includes understand your body weight and body weight workouts, do your BMR calculation, use body fat analyzer to get your body fat to lean muscle ratio and understand what is the right approach in a healthy weight loss program.

When you start to understand this important weight loss concept, you will find it is easier for you to lose weight. Besides, you will know how to identify a correct healthy weight loss program that suits you most. However, if you do not have the right weight loss concept and do not understand your own body, you might end up going no where and still not understand why you are in that situation.

3) Weight loss goal

Once you understand the weight loss concept, you will define a more realistic weight loss goal in your weight loss program. Remember, men always faster in losing weight than women. Please refer my above article to get a more realistic goal in losing weight. Always remember, you have the right to decide how fast and how many pounds to lose in a weight loss program.

In a healthy weight loss program, it is always important to understand your own body situation, in numbers: your weight, your body fat percentage, your BMR etc. Last but not least, your mental state will determine whether you can succeed in losing weight program.