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Why Majority of Diets Fail


The damage wreaked by the holidays is certainly repairable. But often times, we find it hard to get back into shape which is why starting a diet in January has been looked at with much scepticism.

If you must know, the after-holiday diet is probably the hardest kind to stick to for a number of reasons. Find out what these reasons are, in order for you to help achieve success.

1. Confusion

It is indeed easy to get confused with the barrage of diet and weight loss fads out there including gluten-free, juicing and vegan. Before you even think about trying one of them, be sure to assess your lifestyle and determine if the diet plan is sustainable.

Sometimes, the effective diet is one where you simply modify your food choices like opting for home cooked meals instead of fast food and saying goodbye to baked products. Keep it easy and achievable.

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2. Different or Lack of Results

Sometimes, you just need to stick to your diet up to the very bitter end. Some diet will not give you actual results after a couple of months. Be actually wary of diets which will let you shed pounds off so quickly, because for sure you will regain those pounds quickly enough.

You need to look for little results and rejoice about them. Noticing your skin is improving, for instance, is a good example which tends to be overlooked because most people are obsessed with their weighing scale. Another would be feeling refreshed and energized each day, certainly a good sign that your body is healthy.

3. Slipping up

Hey, nobody is perfect. There are certainly days when you would indulge in calorie-laden food or skip going to the gym especially when you are feeling a bit down. Do not be too hard on yourself and concentrate on being consistent instead of being perfect.

It is certainly much better than slipping up a few times and throwing in the towel just because you gave in to your indulgences. You can always get back on the saddle in continue on your journey and never let a few bumps on the road derail you from your ultimate goal of being healthier.

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4. Lack of Support

A new lifestyle might not be welcomed by everyone in your life. So you should expect some resistance but not use such resistance as reason to give up. Instead, use the opportunity to make friends with people who are in the same boat as you. Or, you can always give yourself little rewards for sticking to your diet such as a body massage or that new pair of jeans.

5. Loss of Steam

A lot of people lose steam after a couple of months for a number of reasons. It could be boredom, lost of interest or simply lack of motivation.

Think of ways you can combat this loss by motivating yourself on a daily basis and track your performance. Being able to do an hour of treadmill as compared to 30 minutes before is clearly a step up and should motivate you to stick to your diet.



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