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Top 8 Reasons for Weight Loss Plateaus

You are excited losing weight in your program for weight loss, until a stage that you notice your weight remain unchanged, no matter what you do. You are now facing weight loss plateaus, a stage that you will inevitably reach in your healthy weight loss efforts.

We need to admit everyone is different based on the theory of biochemical individuality. As such, there are more than few reasons causing weight loss plateaus. You need to learn, expect and deal with them. Of course, understand correct weight loss concept will enhance your confidence passing through this period of time.

Below are the top reasons causing weight loss plateaus:

1) You are at a stage of losing fat but building muscle

When you perform right weight loss exercise in conjunction with diet adjustment in any healthy weight loss program, you will create calorie deficit and thus lose some body fat besides build lean muscle tissues. This change for the better will not show up on your weighing machine, although it will definitely show up in the body composition analysis. Even though you do not have a body fat analyzer to measure your body fat and muscle tissue percentage, your body shape are looking better now and you will amaze that you have better figure for waist or hip measurement. Be patient and you will eventually have the desired results for the efforts made.

2) You do not drink enough water

Drink enough water is absolutely necessary for healthy weight loss purpose. When you do not drink enough water, your kidneys cannot work properly. They start to dump part of their workloads to liver, the main fat-metabolizing plant in our body. If liver has to take over some of the kidneys’ jobs, it cannot work at full operating capacity and thus metabolizes less fat, causing more fats remain in the body and weight loss stalls.

Apart from that, water plays an important role in solving water retention in our body. The less water you drink, the more your body perceives this is a threat and holds as much as water it could. When you drink enough water, you can avoid this weight loss plateaus. There is no more emergency condition now, and the body will release stored water instead of retain it.

3) It is a period of adjustment

In any healthy weight loss condition, your body operates like the feedback loop of a thermostat. It need some time to catch up with the adjustments, stage by stage. Your weight will drop like stair case pattern instead of a straight line pattern. So, if you are getting stuck at a certain weight for few weeks, it simply reflects your body’s way of reprogramming itself. Do not worry, eventually the weighing scale will move again.

4) You do not consume enough protein

When you do not eat enough protein in any program for weight loss, your body will react by breaking down its own protein for fuel. Which part of our body is made by protein? Yes, our lean muscle. This means that your body will break down the lean muscle tissue for fuel purpose, and thus causing muscle loss, subsequently lowering your metabolic rate. When you have lower metabolic rate, this means you will burn less calories and face the weight loss plateaus.

5) You eat too less

Under eating is not good for healthy weight loss purpose. When you eat too little, your body will react automatically by becoming more efficient in extracting every single ounce of energy from the limited food supply. This lead to a slower metabolic rate, and you will find that your weight remains almost the same.

6) You eat too much

Generally, people will follow strictly the healthy weight loss plan at the beginning stages because they are exciting to see dramatic results and this is the stage that they are most motivated and committed. However, people tend to cheat a little and eat more after a while, especially when they see some weight loss results. They may allow some junk food or any deep fried foods or ice-cream on top of their normal meals. When you add up all the foods calories, you may end up over eating, and you face the weight loss plateaus although you do the correct weight loss exercise.

7) You do not perform regular exercise

If you understand the concept in a healthy weight loss plan, you will find that exercising is equally important as dieting for healthy weight loss purpose. Neither of them can work well alone. In fact, exercise brings benefits for weight loss and weight maintenance as well as your overall health.

8) You are having nutrition deficiencies

We need to know that deficiency in some nutrients might be interfering with how smoothly the energy-making cycles in your body run. This can easily account for you not burning fat at an optimal level for healthy weight loss purpose. So, take some multivitamin diet supplement will help in weight loss. Please refer the multivitamin supplement article for further information about why we shall take multivitamin in a program for weight loss.

There is clearly that no one who has successfully lost weight in any program for weight loss who has not experienced weight loss plateaus. The most important rule of dealing with them is do not give up, just be patient and you will see the results in your healthy weight loss efforts.