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The Weight Loss Journey of Jennifer Hudson

Singer, actress, mother, author, and Weight Watchers spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson absolutely glows with confidence. As she recounts her story you can hear in her voice and read in her words how the transformation of her weight loss has impacted her life. Her career, motherhood, and travelling for performances are all improved because she lost weight and gained energy. Hudson has struggled with weight issues all of her adult life, and finally came to a place between becoming a new mother and succeeding in her career that she wanted more control over her own body.
She began her journey to achieve this through Weight Watchers and in her new book and in interviews Jennifer Hudson reveals the lessons it taught her.

The Lessons for Jennifer Hudson

Weight Watchers is not a diet, but a program that teaches you how to live a healthier life.
The program taught her good habits in terms of portion control, nutritional content, and exercise.
Hudson loves that she has learned how to eat the foods she loves and still live a healthy life.
Hudson feels that Weight Watchers teaches people how to find a new way to eat, but still leaves the power up to them by supporting them in their choices with meetings, newsletters, and more.
The program is convenient and Hudson says it created a healthier, happier version of herself.
Hudson feels that being at a healthier weight and knowing she created that for herself is an empowering gift that affects her in her career, as a mom, as a performer.
She dances.
I absolutely love that last part dancing it is so simple yet so profound. Jennifer Hudson speaks candidly about being healthy enough to dance, and to have people around her recognize that. She has a renewed love for moving and the empowering feeling it gives her. She also speaks about encouraging her family and friends to live healthier lives.

It is not about the idea that being overweight diminishes who you are. Becoming healthy highlights your strengths and gives you energy and control of your life.

The Lessons for Real Women

The videos, the book, and the interviews all show a celebrity who was successful with a popular weight loss program. But how about us real women?

Weight Watchers does have appeal and a common sense approach that seems lacking in some other programs.

If you want the convenience of prepackaged foods they are available.
You can learn to cook healthy meals for yourself, and monitor yourself.
There is support offered through online and face-to-face support meetings.
Exercise is encouraged and not regulated like Army boot camp.
There are various plans depending on your needs and your goals giving the overall program a lot of flexibility.

The pressure is on for women to look good. When we see celebrities flashing their designer clothes in their tiny bodies it sometimes makes us do a double take at our own reflections. Most of us don’t have assistants who make us tiny cheesecakes so we can have our favorite dessert without being tempted by the full slice (Hudson also speaks of this perk in her life). However, we can develop positive eating and exercise habits, whether through Weight Watchers or other positive reinforcement plans. We can dance.