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Weight Loss and Dining Out

Eating out can be an enjoyment for most of us unless you happen of course to be on a diet trying to lose weight. In that case most people are trying to avoid eating out or choose to decline invitations for going out in order to preserve their silhouette. Of course that is not always the best course of action.

Eating out is one of the small enjoyments of life and a way to socialize with other people and keep in touch with friends and colleagues. But what can you do in that case when you really want to lose that extra pound and improve your silhouette?

Well, you don’t have to restrict yourself and stay home alone, all you need is to be a little more careful and choose the right dishes and portions. You can still eat in a restaurant or even a fast food and still keep your diet and your calorie intake. Just follow the next tips to keep yourself from gaining weight.

Picture that you’re dining out with a date at a fine French restaurant. The menu may as well be Greek to you with its a les crèmes and en sauses beurres; and all you can think about is how to lose weight when you don’t know what to choose. Well, when it comes to knowing how to lose weight while dining out, for most people the menu may as well be in French. You see, restaurants are in the business of money, even if it comes at the cost of your waistline. If you want to eat healthy while dining out, read on and take notes. This simple guide will let you in on some common practices restaurants use to sell you fatty foods and sneak you those hefty extra calories.

Fast Food: Fried Onions and Tacos and Burgers, Oh My!

When you’re at the office or on the road, sometimes fast food is a necessary evil. Aside from staying away from the tempting treats, here are a few things that will keep your waist shrinking as you order up. Before you take a bite of that Mexican Salad, know what you are eating and if it fits into your particular dietary regiment. As restaurants are required by law to show the content of the food that they provide, most fast food restaurants chains will have this data available on their websites. Usually fast foods restaurants will have healthy choices available that you can pick from, such as salads, wraps, or food that was grilled or broiled, instead of fried. Request that high-fat and high-calorie dressings and condiments be replaced with a healthier choice or left out entirely; requesting mustard instead of mayo for instance. Remember to always choose the diet drinks over their sugary counterparts. Opting for a diet coke rather than a regular one will end up saving you a whole whopping 210 calories!

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The Fatty Truth of Fine Dining

When eating at a fine restaurant, there are a few things that you should know about food preparation. One of the most important things to keep in mind about restaurant dining is the portion size. Restaurants have found that by increasing the portion size they can charge exponentially more for the meal. To avoid being served too much, ask the server for the portion size of the particular dish, or better yet, simply order from your menu’s appetizers. A soup as your entrée is an excellent choice, as it is very filling. Just be sure to stick to broth-based soups, and avoid those that are cream-based. When ordering meat, such as steak or port, be sure to ask your server what cut of meat is being served. Restaurants generally prefer fatty cuts of meat to lean cuts, because not only are they cheaper, but they taste better as well, thus allowing them to charge more.

Always ask the server how the food is prepared. Frying foods, or butter and oil-heavy cooking allows the restaurant to charge higher prices while saving money on the preparation. Don’t be fooled; if you don’t notice it on the menu, request specifically for your food to be cooked in a healthy manner such as broiled, steamed, grilled, baked, or roasted. Limit yourself to one drink per meal. Alcohol is very calorie heavy, and it lowers your inhibitions, which is the last thing you want to do while dieting. Give yourself ten to twenty minutes before ordering desert for your food to digest, so that you will be fuller and order less. Offer to split a dish with your companion, or look for healthy choices such as yogurts, light sorbets, or fruit bowls.

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Things to Remember

When you’re dining out, try to keep in mind your diet and how to lose weight. Be it fast food, or wining and dining out on the town, remember that you can still make healthy choices. Pick the grilled chicken sandwich instead of the triple bacon cheeseburger, or choose a grilled salmon salad with vinaigrette instead of filet minion. Plan ahead of time, and make sure your other two meals of the day are smaller to compensate for the increase in calories during your later meal. Avoid those tempting cheese cakes and mega surf-and-turf platters. Stick to your guns, and order yourself the small or kid size serving. Treat yourself to fresh fruits after dinner. Most important, remember that eating healthy and losing weight is far from impossible, because it is up to you.