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How Taylor Swift Stays Fit

Taylor Swift recently bagged the “Best Entertainer” Award at the Country Music Awards and this adorable nineteen year old girl is refreshingly up front about her fitness and diet – a big and welcome change from the standard response that impossible skinny Hollywood girls have: We’re naturally blessed!

Taylor is blessed with a delicate frame but this young star realizes the importance of working out. For her working out is not just about staying skinny. It’s about being fit and healthy. Taylor also exercises for another reason – to keep from panting.

Yup, that is right, this star trains especially to stay fit so that she doesn’t end up panting while she is on stage performing in one of her many concerts.

She says that heavy breathing and panting are acutely embarrassing when one is performing and it is definitely not what the audience pays for when they want to see a show. So she tries to avoid that at all costs. Yup, this young lady takes her role as an entertainer quite seriously!

Taylor also has an innate ability to sense when she is not fit. When she is indulging herself too much and not really making up for it, by exercising, she can feel a difference in her body. Luckily for her, she can sense this difference before it physically manifests and she can take steps to rectify it.

Taylor says that according to her, the best way to stay fit is by running and this is exactly what she does in real life so as to stay fit! And she enjoys doing so outdoors. However, in the event that she does not have time to go for a nice long job outdoors, Taylor has a treadmill handy both at home and on her tour bus so she can go for a jog wherever she is!

There’s also another reason why she has the treadmill – it apparently helps her get over pre show nervous jitters! For someone who has reached the dizzying heights of fame in such a short time, Swift remains extremely grounded and knows where she has come from. She attributes all her success to her fans.

And what is even more endearing about her is her honesty and her frank nature. So if you want to look like Taylor, you know the secret – lots of cardio in the form of running!