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Say No to Diet Drugs

Beauty is reputed to be in the eyes of the beholder. However, it seems that today, people have practically the same eyes. And one of the attributes typically associated with beauty is being skinny. Sadly the media is in support of this notion, commonly portraying fat girls as uncool. Women in particular scramble to be among the skinny ones even to the extent of risking their health or well-being. Sadly, people have lost their rationality in prioritizing the way they look over their well-being.

Reputed to have fast results, the use of drugs for dieting has become very popular. The below-listed drugs are considered to be the crazy diet secret weapon of celebrities and models, who go in seclusion because of being labeled fat and come out with a figure to die for. Crazy and to die for can be taken quite literally as many of these strategies harm the body.

Introducing the decongestant or bronchodilator, clenbuterol for both human and equine (horse) use. Fondly called clen, the drug is also used for weight loss. Because it stimulates the beta-2 adrenergic receptors (fancy name for a specific receiving structure in the cell, which activates particular cell functions), it brings about similar response when a person is under stress or the fight or flight response. There results in increased oxygen delivery, blood pressure, rate of metabolism. The danger of using the drug without doctor’s advice is that it may lead to myocardial infarction (in simple terms, heart attack). Laxative and cathartic are also popularly used diet drugs, and abuse is common in purging diets. In such diets, every time a person eats, he or she feels guilty; thus, takes in a laxative or cathartic to rid the body of the food through bowel movement or vomiting, respectively. The danger with such drugs is that they not only clear the body of food eaten, but water and essential ions for proper body function. Another drug is oxycodone in which the brand Oxycontin is commonly used for dieting. The drug is a type of codeine, which is used as an analgesic or as a relief to pain. Weight loss is caused by the drug’s ability to diminish appetite. Among the dangers associated with constant drug use are addiction and respiratory depression, which may lead to death. There are also others that use illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine to bring their weight down. The list of drugs that can be used to lose weight is evolving with new ones constantly being discovered.

In general, people who resort to usage of such drugs are cowards who do not have what it takes to take the high road to getting what they want and resort to easy, yet health-destructive measures. Because drugs alter body function, taking them without any real disease or without doctor’s prescription may lead to fatal effects.

People should stick to natural weight loss methods which healthy for the body. Because such employ strategies which are inherent to the body, they do not bring about adverse effects. Stick to natural weight loss pills or Forskolin to protect your health.