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How to Progress in Cardiovascular Exercise

It is no doubt that cardiovascular exercise brings a number of health benefits, including healthy weight loss when performed on a regular basis. However, we need to make progression in cardiovascular exercise if you want to have good results in healthy weight loss. Of course, we need to understand how oxygen transportation system works in our body before you agree with what I suggest and start the program in losing weight.

When you perform cardiovascular exercise, say jogging, your large muscles in the lower body require oxygen to perform the activity. So, the heart will pump the blood which contains oxygen to the particular working muscles. Your heart rate is elevated at that moment. However, when time goes by, once the body is efficient at supplying oxygen to the working muscles, it does not have to work as hard as before and thus will burn fewer calories. When you are in a program for weight loss, you want to burn more calories, right? Therefore, you must also make progression in your cardiovascular exercise so that you can succeed in a healthy weight loss.

Below are few options to make progression in the cardiovascular exercise:

1) Increase the Speed

When you increase the speed, you will increase the intensity of the cardiovascular exercise. It is better if you invest a heart rate monitor besides other exercise equipments so that you will know when it is the time to adjust your speed when you do any cardiovascular exercise, whether a walk outside or on a treadmill, or the revolutions per minute on a bike, or elliptical trainer. If you do not have one, then you can take a manual heart rate.

You may start your speed at 3.5 miles per hour with your heart rate at 145 beats per minute. When your heart becomes fitter over time, your heart rate may only elevate to 125 beats per minute at the same speed. This is the progress evidence. Now you need to increase the exercise intensity and get your heart rate back up so that you can continue burn more calories with the same cardiovascular exercise. This is a success way in a program for weight loss.

2) Increase the Intensity

Increase your cardiovascular exercise intensity does not equal to increase the speed. You can increase the exercise intensity whether by elevate the incline on a treadmill, walk outside in a hilly area, or increase the tension on a bike or elliptical trainer. What you do here is you increase the load on muscles and thus more oxygen is needed to get your work done. You need a heart rate monitor once again to indicate when there is an increase in intensity and then respond accordingly.

3) Increase the Instability

You can always add in instability in your cardiovascular exercise to get better results for healthy weight loss. For example, go for a walk on a hard surface, following a walk on soft sand at the same pace. It will elevate your heart rate instantly, since you are on an unstable surface and thus recruit additional muscles and muscle fiber to perform the activity. The same applies to biking on a gravel path rather than on cement. Apart from that, you can try climbing uneven stairs outside or alternate between single stairs or do every other stairs. Your body is forced to work harder in this situation as it needs to adjust to varying heights of the stairs.

4) Perform Cross-training

When we talk about health sport cross-training, it means performing a variety of physical activities. For example, if you bike, then start walking; if you walk, then start swimming; if you climb stairs, then you use bike etc. The concept here is every time you change an activity, your challenge your muscles a different way and thus cross-train the muscles. Cross-training is good as it preserves your joints, since repetitive motions like constant running or cycling can wear out your joints over time.

It is important to make progression either in cardiovascular exercise or strength and resistance training to get good results in any program for weight loss. However, make sure you understand the weight loss concept and have a well-balanced diet habit as well as make use of useful weight loss tips.

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