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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

As defined herein, the Privacy Policy states how Forskolin.reviews (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) gathers, utilizes, keeps, and divulges information provided by the Website users (hereinafter referred to as “User”). The Privacy Policy is subject to this Website and all the services and products that can be found here.

Private Identification Data

We gather private identification data from our Users when they navigate this Website, sign up for Website, use the newsletter subscription service, as well as use the services and products offered on this Website. The Users can provide us with their real name and email address at their sole discretion However, we also let the Users be anonymous when using the Website.

Non-Private Identification Data

We can gather non-private identification data regarding our Users when they visit this Website. The data is as follows: the User’s Internet provider, the operating system, the computer type, the browser name, etc.


This Website can use cookies to improve the quality of services the Users finally get. The cookies are stored on the computer hard drive. The Users reserve the right not to use the cookies. However, in this case, some Website services and products may be inaccessible.

Purposes for Which We Gather Data

Forskolin.reviews can gather and utilize the private data of the Users for the purposes as specified herein:

  • Customer service enhancement. The data that the User submits to us enable us to successfully meet the Users’ expectations and requirements.
  • Statistics collection. We analyze the User information to get to know who and how uses the materials published on this Website.
  • Website improvement. The feedback which the Users leave helps us make the Website services better.
  • Order fulfillment. We can utilize the data given by the User to fulfill the User’s order placed on this Website. We do not disclose this data unless this data is needed for the order fulfillment.
  • Information distribution. We can utilize the Users data to provide the Users with the information they subscribed for. For the Users, it is a way to be aware of the latest news and updates on the Website.
  • Customer communication improvement. We can use the Users’ personal information to maintain communication with them with regard to their requests and questions.

Data Protection

We use the latest information gathering, storing, and processing techniques to ensure safety of the Users’ data and to dismiss a possibility of non-legitimate access, divulgation, theft or erasure of the Users’ private data, usernames, passwords, payment data, etc.

Sharing the Users’ Private Data

We never share or sell the private identification data of our Users to any third parties. However, we can share non-private demographic data which is not related to the Users’ private data with our partners for the   above-mentioned purposes.

Third Party Websites

We post links to the third party websites on this Website. These links advertise the services and products of our partners, sponsors, suppliers, licensors, advertisers, etc. We do not bear responsibility for the information published on the third party websites. Moreover, the links to the third party websites may change. The information on these websites may also change. If our Users use the services of the third party websites, they have to accept these websites’ privacy policies.


Our advertising partners who post advertisement content on our Website can use own cookies. That is why the advertising partners may have an access to non-private identification data of the Users. This Privacy Policy is not related to the cookies which the advertisers set.

Privacy Policy Amendments

Forskolin.reviews has the right to amend the Privacy Policy as it deems appropriate. For this reason, we recommend the Users to read the Privacy Policy from time to time in order to know about all the latest amendments. Only the Users are responsible for their awareness of these amendments.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

By getting access to the materials and resources on this Website, the Users must accept this Privacy Policy. If the Users do not consent to this Privacy Policy, they should not use this Website.

How to Contact Us

If you need some clarification regarding these Privacy Policy statements, we invite you to get in touch with us at: