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PhenQ Diet Pills Review (UPD: August 3, 2019)

4.9 stars, based on 67 reviews

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PhenQ is an innovative over-the-counter anti-obesity supplement that has already gained a wide popularity due to its integral action on the human body.

This product was created with the use of the latest technologies in the dietary supplement industry.

The supplement can replace a synthetic weight-loss medication called Phentermine in a healthy way.

The product has a strong influence not only on the body weight, but also on energy levels and mood.

That is, it helps people get a slim body and, at the same time, improves overall well-being.
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Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of PhenQ action is primarily targeted on the solution of three tasks:

  • Breakdown of the body fat deposits
  • Reduction of hunger feeling
  • Suppression of fat accumulation

In addition, the product intensifies thermogenesis and increases metabolic rate. The supplement doesn’t allow your body to produce fat.

By impeding fat storage and decreasing desire to consume large amounts of food, the supplement is also able to control blood sugar levels.

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To put it briefly, the most significant benefits of PhenQ supplementation include:

  • Curbed appetite
  • Fast metabolism
  • Less fat deposits
  • Decreased body weight
  • High energy levels
  • Better mood
  • Muscle mass growth
  • More stamina

The product is first of all aimed at the decrease in body fat percentage.

That’s why the weight loss results can be not as considerable as you might expect.

This is especially true if you not only take weight loss pills, but also attend gym. In this case, fat is replaced with muscle mass.

Unbeaten Formula

A-Lacys Reset is what determines authenticity of this weight-loss product. The matchless supplement formula lies behind the name of A-Lacys Reset. It’s a key to the supplement success.

This formula underwent clinical trials, proving its powerfulness and uniqueness. The manufacturer even patented it to ensure the highest quality and efficacy of its product.

The product formula is rich in antioxidants which are known for their ability to actively participate in the fat killing process.

It works at a cellular level, protecting cells against free radicals.

This unbeaten formula triggers the most crucial mechanisms in the body, making fat loss possible.

Additional Ingredients

The main formula is important for weight loss. But the additional ingredients also play a great role in slenderizing.

The list of these active substances is as follows:

Calcium Carbonate
This substance accelerates fat metabolism, blocking the formation of fat deposits. The intake of calcium carbonate enables people to reduce food intake.

L-Carnitine Furmarate
Due to the action of this ingredient, fat is used as energy. This leads to the improvement of muscle functions, and fat deposits don’t emerge.

It has thermogenic properties due to which metabolism speeds up. The body uses more energy and weight loss becomes much easier and faster.

Chromium Picolinate
This ingredient has an influence on insulin levels. Due to its effects, metabolic rate is kept normal and fat is not stored. Consequently, body fat percentage decreases.

The ingredient suppresses the feeling of hunger. This herbal substance helps cease overeating and prevents weight gain.

Such an extract is responsible for the release of free fatty acids. The ingredient also boosts thermogenesis, decreasing body weight.

This vitamin indirectly participates in the fat breakdown, as well as regulates cholesterol levels. And the body slenderizes.

This extract has fat-burning properties. Metabolic rate also increases. As a result, weight loss accelerates and becomes steady.


What to Expect

You will not see the results right after you start supplementation. But a couple of weeks will be enough to experience the first positive changes in body weight.

Taking the supplement, it’s possible to lose on average 1-2 pounds of weight each week. Since the product has the ability to stimulate thermogenesis and give a boost to metabolism, 5 months can be enough to burn up to 7.24% of body fat deposits.

As for weight itself, according to the customer reviews, some overweight people lose approximately 50 pounds of weight during the 3-month supplementation.

You still should remember that all the results are individual. They may vary in each particular case. It’s significant to use these diet pills without breaks and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best effectiveness.

How to Enhance Supplement Efficacy

The nutritional specialists and doctors claim that it’s possible to enhance the supplement weight loss effects by combining the supplementation with:

  • Well-balanced diet.
  • High intensity workouts.

If you approach the weight loss process thoughtfully, you will soon notice that PhenQ supplementation, healthy diet, and regular exercises can make wonders together.

How to Use

The bottle contains 60 pills which is enough for the one-month supplementation.

The daily dose is 2 pills. It’s necessary to take 1 pill during breakfast and 1 pill during lunch.

Don’t take the daily dose at once.

Never exceed the daily dose of supplement.

It will not help you get rid of more pounds, but instead cause side effects, such as hypertension, nausea, stomach upset, and anxiety.

It’s worth noting that lunch is the best time for the second serving because the pill taken later may cause sleep problems.

The Bottom Line

PhenQ is a branded product able to help people, struggling with excessive weight. This supplement has an excellent potential to positively change your body beyond recognition.

No stored fat will remain in your body if you change your eating habits, don’t ignore physical activity, and, at the same time, take PhenQ weight loss pills.

Author: Nancy Gilmore
Thousands of readers, subscribers, listeners of lectures allow Nancy Gilmore to be rightly considered the leader of opinions and a highly qualified expert in the field of medicine, healthy lifestyles, proper nutrition, functional and active longevity.