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Do You Need to Exercise to Lose Weight With Weight Watchers?

Have you wondered if exercise was necessary in order to reach your weight loss goals while using Weight Watchers? Well look no further. I am going to tell you how it incorporates into their program, why it is a good idea to keep moving and offer you some tips to help you keep exercise a part of your life whether dieting or not.
As a fitness professional I have heard every reason imaginable as to why it is so challenging to maintain an exercise routine. For some people it is the disdain for physical discomfort that goes along with working-out. For others it’s a matter of not enough time in the day. I am going to share a few tips with you to help you connect to the process of getting and staying fit for good.
To get the best results and stay consistent, it is wise to figure out what makes you tick. Do you like to jog? Are you a dancer? Has swimming always been your passion? Doing what you love is the easiest way to stick with a routine because it is enjoyable. Once your chosen form of exercise has transformed from being a chore to a privilege, long term success is in your favor.

Does the Weight Watchers Plan include training and workout?

Weight Watchers makes it easy to find out which type of fitness program works best for you by offering a variety of quizzes that enable you to better understand your own unique needs and desires. While exercise isn’t mandatory, it is definitely encouraged. Their website is filled with a wide range of resources such as video demonstrations for specific exercises, personalized work-out routines and celebrity trainer, David Kirsch’s “anytime, anywhere work-out” to keep you inspired. There are numerous articles available in various subject matters ranging from how cardio and strength training differ to how to include your loved ones in your quest to be fit.

Learn why exercise is beneficial

My advice for getting the most out of this program is to read the articles, watch the videos and partake in some self-assessment before getting too wrapped up in the “how”. Learn why exercise is beneficial beyond burning calories and become acquainted with why bringing your dog along on your walks is a win-win situation for both of you. Once you understand how fitness enhances every aspect of your life you’ll begin to appreciate the journey rather than get too caught up in the end result.
I am going to share with you some of my favorite moves as far as getting more bang for your buck in your work-out. Multi-muscle group exercises not only burn more calories since there are more muscles being used at one time, but they can be huge time savers if you are in a hurry. I highly recommend perfecting form before adding weights to the routines.

How to do the Chopper

This exercise can be used with no weights as a warm-up and later used with external resistance such as a medicine ball. In addition to the fact that this can be done anywhere, it takes little time to break a sweat while the change in direction offers neuromuscular adaptation benefits along with the many muscle groups being utilized. Your hip, knee and shoulder joints are all involved here making this a great way to burn a lot of calories. Check out this video for a short yet accurate demonstration.

How to perform an Anterior Reaching Lunge

Now before you panic, this is not an actual lunge! This exercise is extremely functional because you will get the benefits of developing strength in the hip joint while learning how to properly bend down to pick up a (light) object from the floor in addition to stretching tight hamstrings. Once form is mastered you can make this more challenging by adding weights or incorporating an overhead press to include the shoulder and elbow joints.


Push-ups are beneficial for developing upper body strength along with working the core and glutes. I like this particular video because she demonstrates the various progressions involved in developing your ability to achieve this challenging, yet extremely rewarding exercise whether you are a beginner or not. Once you have mastered this you can feel free to show off in front of all the men in your family who didn’t think you had it in you to be so strong!

Remember…when fitness is used as a tool for well-being and healthy living, your body won’t be able to help but get strong, toned and fabulous!