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3 Misconceptions about Progression in Weight loss Exercise

Effective and healthy weight loss exercise is based on progressive resistance principle. However, some people claim that progression in exercise will increase the risk of injury. Some said that they are just best in maintaining same type of weight loss exercise with same intensity as they have benefited from them.

Once you understand the concept of healthy weight loss and right exercise, you will know that there are 3 common misconceptions people used to have about progression in weight loss exercise:

1) We have to Run to Burn Calories

In fact, you are no need to run to burn calories in any weight loss exercise. Some people believe that only running can burn calories because of the intensity. Yes, running is very intense and it places high demand on the heart to pump blood to the working muscles.

However, you can also choose to perform other high intensity exercises such as biking, swimming or stair stepping instead of running. By adjusting the variables mentioned in cardiovascular exercise article, one can have same intensity as running, with less risk of joints’ injury. If your desire end result is losing weight through burning more calories, then running is not the only choices of weight loss exercise if you take consideration of your knee and joints’ health.

2) You will get injured during Progression

This is not true. You will not get injured if you use small increments of progression and always listen to your body when you perform any type of weight loss exercise. In fact, those who try to progress too rapidly are those who have high risk of getting injured.

Anyway, you need to aware one thing: The difference between pain and soreness. If you feel lasting pain during any weight loss exercise, stop and get immediate medical attention and please do not ignore them. Very often that people ignore the minor pain, and mostly this pain may escalate in the future and cause you to cease in a healthy weight loss program. Don’t perform any weight loss exercise that simply feels not right.

If you do not exercise for a long time and now you start back, especially strength and resistance training as your main weight loss exercise, you will most likely to feel some soreness lasting one or two days after the exercise. This is normal, because your muscles are not challenged in a long time. In this situation, you can always continue in your weight loss exercise program.

3) It is too Hard to make Progression

This is absolutely not true. For better illustration purpose, let us use the example of climbing the corporate ladder. When you have your first job, you usually do not have that much job responsibility. As you climb the ladder or get promoted, you need to bear much more responsibility and stress than before, with the compensation of higher salaries. Will you find very hard to responsible much more thing? No, but of course you will feel a little bit more challenge out there. This is normal.

The same scenario applies in the weight loss exercise progression. When you make a little progression each time you exercise, you are alright. But if you try to progress too rapidly, your body might not take in and thus increase the chances of injury. This is the same thing if you are a new fresh graduate and ask you to take charge of the manager position, you will definitely feel too hard, and most probably you will quit. The important thing here is everyone needs time to progress in weight loss exercise, and it is well worth the results for healthy weight loss.

Besides performing right weight loss exercise, you need to take care of your food and nutrition, as well as maintaining a good healthy lifestyle so that you can enjoy excellent results in healthy weight loss program.

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