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Mexican Healthy Diet Low Fat Recipe That Makes Your Tastebuds Happy

A low fat healthy diet is the need of the hour. This is a high time to start caring about your health. In fact the earlier we start taking health seriously in our lives, the better it is.
Healthy diet cannot be stressed enough during this time. A person has to have a regular routine of healthy diet in his life. This ensures that they become healthy and fit. This is one of the extremely important requirements of life right now.

With the changing times lives have become very busy and people have no time for themselves. They are forever in a rush and they neglect important things such as exercises, nutritious food and a healthy diet. This negatively affects their body. There has been a considerable increase in the number of people suffering from lifestyle induced diseases over the past decade. They suffer from hypertension, insomnia and other threatening diseases which build up to bigger diseases like damaging of kidneys and heart disease.

So let’s sit back and reassess the situation. If only revising and reconstructing your diet structure is the simple solution through which you can prevent these diseases from hampering your body; shouldn’t you probably take that step instead of neglecting it and leading a miserable life?

With a proper healthy diet you and not only be healthy but it will also give you a fit body. It helps you feel good about yourselves. It will give you a sharper and clearer mind. Researchers have shown that proper brain functioning is closely related with the type of diet that you consume.

Often people believe that a healthy diet cannot be tasty and that it has to be bland and unflavourful. This is an outright myth. There are loads of recipes in the market that cater to your taste buds while at the same time they also look after your health. These recipes function on the basic principles of a healthy diet.

A healthy diet requires the inclusion of all food groups. A person should have fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. This ensures that he has is regular dose of vitamins and minerals.

They should stock up on lean meat and fatty fish for their quota of proteins and good fats. They should consume olives and nuts for better brain health. Dairy products should be consumed for the inevitable calcium for stronger bones. They should consume proper doses of water.

Healthy food should never have to compromise on taste. Here is a Mexican recipe that proves this statement right.

Here Is A Quick Mexican Tortilla Wrap Recipe For You:

Take a whole wheat tortilla and put a layer of salsa on it.

To make the salsa, mix together chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, some garlic, chillies, sea salt, mint, basil and lemon juice squeezed in it.

Now put a slice of smoked turkey or chicken salami on it.

Add some carrot and celery sticks.

Sprinkle some black pepper or put in a dash of capsico sauce in it.

Wrap the tortilla and you have for yourself a tasty, low fat and very healthy tortilla wrap.