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Killer Meal Plan That Guarantees Weight Loss

It’s hard to find meal plans that will help you lose weight AND are actually enjoyable to eat. If you’ve been having a hard time finding good weight loss plans like these, you need to look no further! That’s because I am going to share exactly what I am eating on a day to day basis.

The traditional belief is that you should eat “three square meals a day.” That’s actually not the best way to approach your diet. Instead, you should eat 6 small meals per day. That way you keep your metabolism working constantly.

In this spirit, you’ll see six different meals in this meal plan that are small but filling. It’s simple enough to fit into any weight loss plan, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble following it.

With that in mind, let’s get to it!

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Meal #1

1 Large Egg (78 cal), 1 Thin Slice of Bacon (48 cal), Cherry Tomatoes, 1 Glass of Water.

This is a great meal to start the day with. It includes bacon which is tasty but unhealthy. However, notice the size of the portion: just one small slice. That’s small enough to not affect your weight significantly.


50g of Oatmeal (194 cal), 1 Apple (95 cal) or 1 Banana (105 cal), 1 Tea Spoon of Jam, or Honey to give it a bit of taste. 1 Glass of Water.

If you want some variety with your first meal, this is a great alternative to swap in. I personally like to switch between these two every other day.

Meals #2, 3, 4, 5

50g Brown (182 cal) or White (174 cal)Rice, Around 50g Chicken Breast (110 cal), plus vegetables can be ANYTHING.

Generally I have corn, peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, or any random vegetables I have on hand. Don’t worry about counting calories with fresh veggies. They generally are low in calories, and provide an essential dose of vitamins and fiber. How many people do you know who got fat by eating too many vegetables? Probably not many!

Meal #6

100g Greek Salad (101 cal) – probably one of my favorite salads, very few calories, tastes amazing.


100g Low Fat Cottage Cheese (72 cal) with 1 Sliced Apple (95 cal), 1 Tea Spoon of Jam, or Honey.

It’s a good idea to eat most of your carbs during the day, since you’re more active during the day and will burn them off before they turn into fat.

Therefore, your last meal should be something that’s low in carbs. That’s exactly what this meal is! That way when you go to sleep, your body won’t be converting your excess carbs into fat!

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When you add up all these meals, you get around 1600 calories per day. Given my body mass index, this is in the sweet spot of giving me enough of a calorie deficit to lose weight, but not so much that my body goes into starvation mode and hordes calories.

So far, this meal plan is working out great. I also have enough energy throughout the day to be happy and do my thing. It doesn’t feel like I’m sacrificing a lot to lose weight, but it seems to be effective at cutting down some weight!


Lipo-Sear is a weight loss supplement that is manufactured and marketed by Empyrean Nutrition.

This product is promised to be able to control your appetite, give you more energy, and improve your mood and focus levels.

Although this sounds like a reasonable enough approach to weight loss, we decided to do a little research before we took Empyrean Nutrition’s word for it.


Even though Lipo-Sear isn’t initially marketed as a fat-burner, it suddenly describes itself as being able to help you burn fat as you continue to read more about it; claiming to have multiple ingredients that “aid in lipolysis.”

However, after looking at its ingredients, we can see that it works more as a stimulant than anything else.

What Does Lipo-Sear Have Going For It?

Among Lipo-Sear’s many stimulants, an average sized dose of caffeine is present. Although caffeine isn’t an effective weight loss ingredient on its own, research has shown that caffeine can help enhance other weight loss ingredients.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any other ingredients that impressed us.

Our Opinion

After further inspection of Lipo-Sear’s ingredients we also found some things that could leave you with serious and lasting damage.

The ingredient, phenylethylamine HCL, is also known as ephedrine, the weight loss ingredient that caused all of the mass recall of diet pills in the early 2000s.

Ephedrine has since been banned by the FDA because it has been shown to cause heart problems, stroke and even death.

Even though it is not healthy to remain overweight, you should never compromise your health in order to lose weight.

Those who have taken ephedrine-based products and lived to tell the tale describe heart problems that have lasted for years since they took ephedrine.

Since Lipo-Sear doesn’t have any ingredients that have impressed us, and it has ingredients that have been known to be dangerous, we can’t recommend this weight loss product.