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Weight Loss Plan must Include Both Dieting and Exercising?

If you want to succeed in any program for weight loss, you must include both dieting and exercising in your weight loss plan. Dieting alone does not work, neither exercise alone.

In a healthy weight loss program, we need to apply our weight loss plan to both variables in our body weight workouts equations: the calories consumed and calories expended. Here we need to revisit the Harris Benedict equation posted in my BMR calculation article. If you have never been calculated the calories needed to support your daily life activities, now it is the time to plug in your current age, weight and activity level for your weight loss plan.

Let’s use an example for illustration purposes. A man of 45 years old with 90kg in weight and 175cm will get his original BMR calculation figure of 1,868 using the Harris Benedict equation. I do hope you still remember BMR or basal metabolic rate refers to number of calories that our body requires on a daily basis if we stay in bed all day and do nothing. After 4 months on the program for weight loss, this man now weighs 76kg. His BMR equation now is 1,676 .

It seems that his new basal metabolic rate has decreased. Yes, it is because his size is smaller now. That is why we need to monitor the progress along our weight loss plan. Anyhow, we need to see his final figures on calories needed to support his daily life activities. Please refer back to my same BMR calculation article for activity multiplier figures.

This man exercised once a week previously. Now he exercises 4 times a week. Following the activity multiplier figures, below are the previous and current calories intake needed to support his daily activities:

Previously: 1,868 x 1.30 = 2,428 calories burned
Currently : 1,676 x 1.55 = 2,598 calories burned

From the calculation, this man now requires 170 more calories per day than he did previously to maintain his current weight. And, don’t forget that correct weight loss exercise in your weight loss plan can increase your basal metabolic rate too. I mean strength and resistance training when I mention about correct weight loss exercise because we can only build lean muscle mass effectively through it. Remember, 1kg of lean muscle tissue will burn between 16 – 23 calories, while 1kg of body fat can only burn about 1 – 1.4 calories per day.

Take the same example as above, this man exercises 4 times a day according to his weight loss plan, allocating his exercise time to correct weight loss exercise especially strength and resistance training. He enjoys the benefits of strength training and improves his lean muscle tissue percentage from 26% to 35%. Taking consideration of previous and current weight of 90kg and 76kg respectively, his has an increase of lean muscle tissue of 3.2kg.

Previously: 90kg x 26% = 23.4kg
Currently : 76kg x 35% = 26.6kg

This means he will burn an additional of 51 to 73 calories each day. As he progresses in his strength and resistance training according to his weight loss plan, he will build more lean muscle tissue and thus increase his basal metabolic rate. The simple way to know your lean muscle percentage is invest a body fat analyzer during your program for weight loss.

Now you know why you must include BOTH dieting and exercise in your weight loss plan. And you must also include strength and resistance training in your weight loss plan. If you on diet alone without doing strength and resistance training, you need to eat less and less in order to continue in losing weight. If you perform only cardiovascular exercise, then you won’t get your muscle built up, and you won’t get the benefit of increased daily calorie burning 24 hours a day.

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