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Healthy Natural Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is one of the most challenging attempts in the universe because (1) you do not know if you are going to last or (2) until when the figure you earned from dieting will last. It’s a case to case basis. People suffering from obesity can pull it off 90-100% because they are motivated. If they do not use up the stored fats in their body immediately, they can develop heart diseases, diabetes, or hypertension or suffer from low self-esteem. The average individual who has less motivation other than look good in the upcoming prom or reunion tends to always go back to square one. However, natural weight loss is still weight loss and it has become a word of mouth especially at the turn of the century when vanity started to count a lot. You cannot blame those celebrities and supermodels but they are among the forces behind weight loss.

Weight loss is good if it is healthy and natural. Experts favor the no-pills technique because it gives better outcomes like improved lifestyle and health and enhanced beauty. Notice how healthy people develop glowing skin that makes them look 10 years younger. Those who want to experience the same effect need only follow the rules and take care of their eating habits and daily routines. For those who want to be in good shape and stay in good shape, achieving you goals naturally is not impossible although it indeed means long wait. Fellow weight-watchers swear by the effectiveness of the following natural methods. Natural means no diet pills or specially formulated drinks; only pure hard work, perseverance, and self-discipline. These may take you some time before seeing the results but you can guarantee that they are good and will get you the body you have been dreaming.

Tip #1 Be realistic about your goals and do not push yourself too hard. While people suffering from obesity have all the reasons to panic and set a whopping 3-5 pounds loss a week, it is still not advisable to get yourself all worked-up. An average human can only shed 2 pounds every seven days. That is actually the best that your metabolism can do because the body needs the nutrition and energy – calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein and all that – to get going. To some people, this is too little but if you are consistent about your natural weight loss routines, you will be able to reduce 24 pounds from your weight in three months.

Tip #2 Eat six small meals a day (heavy breakfast, light brunch, light lunch, snack, light dinner, light midnight snack) instead of three huge meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). As they say, less is more. Eating small portions of food prevents you from overeating because you do not go hungry. Imagine how the huge eating interruptions starves the stomach and leads you to eat too many once the clock strikes 12 or 6pm. Besides, eating six small meals is healthy because it lowers bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. This technique also helps boost the metabolism allowing you to burn more fats.

Tip #3 You can adopt a diet fad but be sure that your body is prepared for the limitations on food choices. Otherwise, expect relapse. These fad diets are too many to mention and they have different characters. A lot of people actually find them pretty hard to follow because of the limited food choices and other restrictions. The trick here is to prepare your body to undergo rigid diet plan. For example, if Cabbage Soup Diet appeals to you, you should cut down on food at least a week ahead on food intake. This is because Cabbage Diet entails utter self-control as it demands you to give up the food you are used to eating. The same goes for fruit fasting, bread fasting, and the likes. If you think that you can keep up with these demands, you can guarantee that you will achieve your ideal weight within the selected diet’s time frame.

Tip #4 Be active. Being idle will cause fats or unused carbohydrates and calories to lodge in your belly, thighs, and arms. Make sure that you allot at 30 minutes to two hours of exercise. It will also help if you will engage in a lot of activities. Exercise however does not only mean going to the gym or locking yourself to do heavy jumping or weight lifting. Exercise can be integrated to your daily activities such as walking, jogging or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Tip #5 Eat healthy. People often misinterpret natural weight loss as going into starvation mode. Actually, this is not always the case. Natural weight loss is not just about shedding unwanted fats and getting slimmer. It is also about getting in good shape. The reason why it is called ‘in good shape’ is because you lose weight the healthy way. This is possible by engaging in diet rich in vegetables and fruits to keep your skin and internal organs nourished to prevent yourself from looking wilted by the time you have shrunk into your ideal pounds.

Tip #6 Drink lots of water. At least eight glasses will do but while under certain natural weight loss program, the body may call for extra hydration so more than eight glasses is recommended but not too much. For one, drinking water increases your metabolic rate. Actually, the water works on the muscles and tissues to get activated more efficiently. If the muscles and organs are in good condition, the metabolism is as well. Additionally, the amount of water intake depends on the size of the person. If you are bigger, it means you have to drink at least 3-5 liters of water a day.

Tip #7 Monitor your progress on a weekly basis to know if you need to improve your techniques. Some people even jot down all the foods that they eat to identify what are good and what are bad. However, this may make your routine a bit complex and boring so it is better if you would just stick to the amount of pounds that you lose. Do not be disappointed if you did not reach your 2-pound weekly goal as there is always another week.

Tip #8 It will help a lot if you do not keep your focus on your weight to avoid feeling the pressure. For example, if you are doing exercise, do something else instead of reciting your weight-loss mantra like a psycho. In other words, do not let the whole weight-loss idea eat you up because it will only cause you stress. Stress is never a good natural weight loss company. Rather than enhance your performance, you may find yourself retiring from the program than continuing.

Tip #9 Try fitting your small-sized pants and blouses and make it your goal to fit perfectly in them for additional motivation. Some serious individuals even buy sexy dresses and turn it into their natural weight-loss meter.

Tip #10 Peanut butter snack is a good trick that worked for many and might work for you, too. The reason why snacking on peanut butter is recommended for dieters is because peanut butter can be taken without causing weight gain. It can control your hunger for two and a half hours thus preventing you from craving for other foods.

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Tip #11 A good sign that you are having a healthy natural weight loss is when your mood is enhanced. A lot of times, diet restrictions affect the body’s chemical reactions as well as hormonal reproduction. Lack of nutrients often leads to sleeping problems and poor memory that in turn affects the mood and put you under stress. There are reasons why experts do not recommend fad diets that have high carbohydrate restrictions. For one, low carb intake increases fatigue, which could prevent the person to withdraw from exercising or engaging in activities. Doctors also highly recommend not skipping breakfast if you want to be in the mood throughout the day. Parents never let their kids leave home without a hearty breakfast because no-breakfast means poor memory, too. Good eating habits and appropriate amount of exercise helps activate your nerves and regulate blood circulation. For example, bell peppers, broccoli and oily fish enhance memory.

The Benefits of Natural Weight Loss Over Artificial Methods

There are a lot of people who want to lose weight faster. They just simply cannot wait three months to get their ideal weight which leads them to seek refuge from over-the-counter diet pills. Although not all of the diet pills are harmful, they do not work without side effects. Diet pills are notorious for causing the person to have irregular bowel movements, frequent headaches and nausea, dehydration, and other irregularities. You may consider steatorrhea as a bad sign because it means something is not functioning well in your system. Natural weight loss methods, unless contradictory to any medication taken because of certain health conditions, guarantee that you will survive the diet and exercise controls with good health and gorgeous figure.

Unless you took a fad diet as pattern for your weight loss, the natural weight loss method is also cheaper than pills or laxatives. Natural methods do not leave you ripped. Instead, you are gaining more from it. It also saves you from developing serious diseases that may yield expenses for check-ups and medications. A lot of diet pills claim that they are natural but you will never really know if these claims are authentic. It is recommended that you stay on the safer natural weight loss solution than take the risk and end up unsuccessful.

Weight Loss Do’s and Don’ts

Weigh loss can be really dragging especially if you are pressured or if you are in a hurry to experience the results. To avoid relapse from happening, you could use a dose of dos and don’t’s.


– Ever resort to weight loss pills and formulated beverages to speed up losing weight to avoid side effects. Give yourself time and don’t drag it. Let it happen smoothly so that you can fully enjoy your new figure once you have hit your target.

– Overdo it – the exercising, the water-intake, and the skipping meals. There are people who eat breakfast and skip lunch and dinner to ensure fast natural weight loss which would not help as it will only make you crave for food more often.

– Skip breakfast as this particular meal sets you up for the day. By eating breakfast, you get good memory, good mood and good vibe.

– Totally deprive yourself. It is okay to sometimes eat your favorite ice cream flavor as a treat.


– Eat lots of green leafy vegetables to protect your body from developing free radical and get the essential nutrients needed for healthy natural weight loss.

– Choose the fruits you eat. Although fruits are generally healthy, there are certain kinds that should be avoided when on a natural weight loss program such as avocado and banana.

– Seek help from family members and friends to participate in your healthy endeavor. This mostly applies to people suffering from weight-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

– Complete a seven or eight-hour sleep to prevent yourself from waking up to a bad mood that may affect your natural weight loss routines even for the day.

– Consult your doctor before engaging in any natural weight loss methods to verify if you are qualified especially if you have medical issues.

– Fix your exercise time. Try to vary your routines to prevent yourself from getting bored. Accompanying your exercise routines with energetic music will help stimulate you.

In general, there is really no secret in losing weight fast; only perseverance, self-discipline and realistic goals. If you will observe, some slender people are big eaters but their body seems unconquerable to fats. Why? Because they are active. In reality, it is not in the amount of food you eat but in the amount of energy you use every day. The reason why fats lodged in your systems improperly is because you do not use it.

MenScience Thermogenic Formula

Processed with ingredients made to increase your metabolism and burn more fat, PhenQ promises to boost energy levels as an ideal complement to a healthy diet and exercise program. MenScience Thermogenic Formula aims to help users to achieve efficient and sustainable weight loss, naturally putting your body in better shape. However, we have to base our review on the facts.

What Do Experts Think?

Experts look at the ingredients, which includes quite a few energy based supplements such as green tea and guarana seed extract. Quite a few of these ingredients have been through multiple clinical studies that show that these ingredients have certain benefits. Green tea has been through hundreds of studies that show that it can burn fat while guarana and gingko are more of energy supplements.

In addition to this, MenScience Thermogenic Formula also has an ingredient called creatine monohydrate, an ingredient well-known for its ability to enhance and increase natural lean muscle mass. Technically, MenScience Thermogenic Formula only has 5mg, which is hardly sufficient to protect and heal healthy muscles.

Based on our research, MenScience Thermogenic Formula does use the clinically proven amounts of some of its ingredients. For example, it does use the clinically proven 400mg of the fat burner green tea. however, it’s a bit of a toss-up depending on what ingredient you’re talking about.

What Do Users Think?

We have only seen a couple of consumer reviews on MenScience Thermogenic Formula, but most seem to report that MenScience Thermogenic Formula is a fairly effective weight loss supplement when used with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Is MenScience Thermogenic Formula the Preferred Men’s Fat Burner?

MenScience Thermogenic Formula uses ingredients that have been clinically proven as fat burners. It even uses a couple of ingredients that can specifically enhance muscle mass, which appeals to most men. However, based on what we have seen so far, MenScience Thermogenic Formula does not have any ingredients specific to the male body.

It does not have any testosterone boosters, any natural men’s health supplements, or any natural aphrodisiacs meant specifically for men. As far as we can tell, while MenScience Thermogenic Formula does have the clinically proven amounts of green tea, it is just like any other green tea supplement made for either men or women that happens to have the clinically proven dose of green tea.

What you choose to do with this is up to you. Maybe you just want a fat burner that has clinically proven weight loss ingredients. However, if you are hoping for the benefits that only come with natural testosterone boosters, MenScience Thermogenic Formula is not for you.