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You got to try the HCG Diet Drops before you judge…

First of all, I have to agree with the people who have tried the HCG Diet long before the people who haven’t. You cannot say that Honda makes a bad car unless you have driven one. A poor analogy maybe, but one I think everyone can understand. That being said…

The nervous system operates on one type of fuel and one only…carbohydrates. On face value, I would think this diet would cause an impairment of brain and memory function. Those on the diet have indicated just the opposite. That’s great. I can attribute this to hypothalimic “taming” caused by the HCG Weight Loss. I don’t know, but there are too many people that have had more positive things to say rather than negative. We are all entitled to our opinions. Change scares people. I am a nursing student. I have a few friends that were going to do this diet (and they may have already started). I thought it was CRAZY talk. 500 calories?!?! Of course, understanding what the HCG hormone CAUSES to happen (IE, utilize locked-in fat stores as energy), it makes sense, then, that the 500 calories is meant to supplement a sense of satiation with food…but clean food. Headaches are attributed, I would imagine, to detox. Just like someone trying to shake alcohol or drugs, the body is going through preservative withdrawal.

In regards to people slamming this diet because it causes dehydration, that’s just un-educated drabble. How can you be dehydrated by drinking a gallon of water a day?

As a type II diabetic, I am familiar with using fat as your #1 energy source. Ketones cause kidney damage. Something I am sure I will need to find out about. Type II diabetes is considered reversible with diet and exercise; its primary cause being obesity. I have not been overweight my whole life, but have struggled over the last 10+ years with weight gain. I eat properly, but cannot seem to keep the weight off.

My wife and I are getting ready to start with the HCG Drops . I plan on following it to the letter. I want my life back. People can say all they want about “getting on the couch,” and “MOVE YOUR BODY,” but i have done that, with little change. I know this is not a magic pill. I am not looking for magic. A lifestyle change is the only way I can improve my circumstances. However, results will keep me on track, and motivated to continue.

Do the research, read Dr. Simeon’s manuscript, in pdf format, called “Pounds and Inches.” Read that before you decide, or at least include that article with your research. It explains an awful lot about what you are about to begin.

Best of luck!