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How Fruit And Veg Can Make You Cuter

Fruits And Veg ‘Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables‘.

This is a common advice everyone hears right from their childhood. This advice is given by the doctors, teachers and parents.

What is the reason?

Why is everyone concerned about eating fruits and vegetables?

The reason is very simple.

Eating fruits and vegetables have a lot of health benefits. They protect people from many diseases like hypertension, stroke, cancer, heart diseases and many more.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is the best option for weight loss..

They are full of fibers and will help in the detoxification of your body. The list of the benefits of fruits and vegetables is very long. A recent research proves that fruits and vegetables are needed for great looks too.

So How Do Fruits And Veg Make You Cuter?

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables improve the complexion of your skin and it gives a healthy glow to the skin.

The change in the color is noticeable in a few weeks. People with fair skin can get a better color by eating vegetables and fruits, rather than lying down under scorching sun.

It has been proved that the color gained by eating more fruits and vegetables looked cuter and healthier than the tan gained by sunlight.

Fruits And Veg Make You Cuter

How is it possible?

Fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and red peppers get their color from lycopene. Lycopene, that gives color to the fruits and vegetables give color to the skin too.

Apples, berries and cherries are rich in polyphenol. Polyphenol make the blood rush to the face and other parts of your body. The rush of blood gives a beautiful natural complexion to the skin.

Carrots, spinach and broccoli contain beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant.

It helps in bringing a healthy glow to the skin. All the three chemicals mentioned above are responsible to make your skin look yellowish orange instead of red.

The yellow color looks better in photographs by making your skin to glow.

Fruits and vegetables help you in other ways too. Given below are some ways that explains how fruit and veg could make you cuter. Fruits are power packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Try Fruit Masks For Healthy Glow

Fruits and vegetable masks make your skin smooth, soft, healthy, spotless, gleaming and glowing.

fruit face masks Apple mask once in a week makes your face glow. Mash apple in a blender and add honey to it. Apply this paste as a mask on your body. This will make you look cuter.

Cherries mixed with oats and milk and applied on the face makes your skin look youthful and free of wrinkles.

Avocados do magical wonders to your skin. Avocado is an anti aging antioxidant. When eaten regularly, they prevent the skin from getting damaged. They improve the blood circulation. It can also be applied as a face mask.

Citrus fruits like orange and lemon are rich in vitamin C and vitamin C is responsible for the glow in your skin. Lack of vitamin C makes your skin dry and dull. They are excellent skin toners.

A little lemon or orange juice applied on the skin everyday in the morning makes a lot of difference to your beauty.

Watermelon juice rubbed on the skin freshens up the skin and grape juice smoothens the skin.

Papaya masks remove the acne marks and other spots from the skin.

Vegetables like cabbage and potato also can be mashed and used as facial masks.

Pineapple mask is the best option for dry skin.

Banana mask is suitable both for dry skin and oily skin.

Beauty does not involve skin alone. Every part of your body should gleam and glow. To know how fruit and veg could make you cuter and much healthier by taking care of other parts of your body, read further.

Teeth should look healthy and clean. Eating raw carrots and sugarcanes are natural teeth whiteners.

Eyes should look bright free from black spots around the eyes. Placing slices of cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes make your eyes fresh and bright.

Your lips will look red, soft and wet by applying fruit and vegetable juices.

Hair is the crowning glory. Dry, lifeless and thin hair definitely spoils the looks of a person. Thick, gleaming and bouncing hair will make a person look pretty and cute. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits promote hair growth. Fruits and vegetables prevent hair loss.

Weight Loss fruit are known to detoxify your body, so adding them to your daily diet is a must if your not happy with your weight.

You can also get fruits in pills for weight loss! The thing about getting them in pills form is for an example, taking just one pomegranate fruit pills capsule would be the equivalent of drinking 8 full glasses of pomegranate juice.

Or taking one raspberry ketone pill would be like eating a big basket of raspberries that why extract from fruits are used so much these days because all the benefits are in one easy to take pill that is natural and safe.

You will look cute only if your body is shapely and fit. Eating plenty of fibrous fruits and vegetables helps in detoxification and burning the extra pounds. The above facts explain how fruit and veg could make you cuter.

Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits and using vegetables and fruits facial packs will surely make everyone look cute.

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