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Forever Healthy

Being happy is living well. That means preventing illnesses, feeling energetic and looking great. So kiss those aches and pTo prevent cardiovascular diseases, your body needs five things:
a. Vitamin C (1000 mg/day) – it produces collagen which glues your body together.
b. Lysine
c. Proline
d. Bioflavonoids (can be derived from certain citrus fruits, Vitamin P)
e. Coenzyme 10 – the important ingredient which bonds the other ingredients

To prevent cancer: Beta Carotene, Selenium and Vitamin E

To prevent arthritis: Chicken Cartilage or Knox Gelatin with Orange Juice + Calcium

Eating healthy: A general rule is a third of your plate should contain protein (Chicken, turkey, fish) and two-thirds carbohydrates (potato, pasta, rice). Eating carbs before exercising boosts energy and after exercising, it sews up the torn muscles. 50% Protein – 35%Carbs -15%Fat. A great breakfast for example would consist of egg whites, oatmeal, fat free cheese and low fat milk.

Fat Busting Foods: Apple, Mushroom, Zucchini, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Grapes, Tomato, Cabbage, Celery, Broccoli, Pepper, Pears, Pasta, Rice, Pineapple, Banana, Corn, Spinach, Beans, Potato, Garlic, Onions, Cantaloupe, Yams, Carrots, Peas and Peaches

Tips to a healthy future

a. Focus on fat not weight
b. Place baskets of fruits & vegetables in easy reach
c. Eat smaller, more frequent meals and use spices
d. Prepare several meals at once and drink lots of water
e. Eat slow, pause a few times and Eat “early”
f. Make realistic goals and make a plan
g. Visual Success (end result)
h. Give yourself a reward when you reach a goal
i. Make your diet public for commitment and do it with a friend
j. Don’t eat 2 hours before sleeping and avoid carbs on your last meal
k. Get rid of junk foods and order dressings and sauces on the side
l. Don’t punish yourself if you splurge. Go right back where you left off.
m. Allow yourself a treat and compliment yourself
n. Make a effort to look your best
o. Read the labels and supplement with chromium picolinate and flax seed oil

Exercising: You need to do cardiovascular exercises (running, jogging, biking, etc.) forty minutes a day, Four times a week. Make sure your heart rate is at least 120 beats per minute.