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Effective Weight Loss and How to Lose Body Fat – 8 Great Tips

A healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables combined with mild exercise like walking can do wonders when it comes to losing weight. You don’t need to use expensive products or supplements and exhaust yourself with intensive exercise. Go the natural way and you would soon see results on the scale and in your appearance. Your lifestyle and your mental capacity to change your habits to better ones are the greatest allies to your desire to become fit again and live a better and more rewarding life as a consequence.

If you want to know the best way to lose weight and to lose body fat, it can be quite confusing.

There is much available in the way of information and products and the task of wading through it all could be quite daunting.

Here are a few tips to get you going:

Don’t think of it as a diet or an exercise regime. Think of it as a lifestyle change. If you think ‘I have to go on this diet’ or ‘I have to lose body fat’ it will tell your subconscious mind that you ‘have to’ which puts a negative angle on the situation and your subconscious will not support you in your efforts. And believe me, you want your subconscious to support you.

It is also important, whilst having the larger vision or goal, to chunk it down into attainable milestones. For instance, if you have 50 pounds to lose, think about the first five, then the next five, not the whole 50.

Forget the victim mentality. The bottom line is, if you feel you need to lose weight or lose body fat, its most likely incorrect eating habits that got you there in the first place – whether you knowingly or unknowingly ate the wrong thing doesn’t matter. Find a new resolve, getting outside help if you need it.

Back to basics. Surprising that the basics work, isn’t it? You need to drink water. Eight big glasses a day should be your goal. If you don’t drink much water and the thought of eight glasses a day is a bit terrifying, start with one, then one and a half, then two. Increase your water intake every couple of days until you’re doing the eight. It isn’t so hard when you chunk it down. By the way, water is water – not cordial, or soft drink, or tea or coffee. Fresh water.

The next basic is walking. A good hour per day 5-7 times per week. Once again, if you haven’t exercised for awhile, don’t panic. Start with a ten minute walk for a couple of days, and try adding a minute or two each day until you work your way up.

Once you’re in the swing of walking, some resistance training is also very helpful. The two work very well together.

Wholefoods are also most important. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and grains. Yes, I know that might be sending a shiver down your spine. But remember, bad food got you where you are. Fresh and raw are the keys.

Action is also a key. Everyone says it – you must take action. Just make a start. You’ll probably stumble as you go along, but just pick yourself up, set your resolve and keep going.

Stick to the basics and just keep going. You will gradually see results. You’ll lose body fat and have effective weight loss. Don’t try and fix it overnight. It didn’t break overnight, it took a period of time. So it will take a period of time to get it right and get it back on track.

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