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Dietrine Review

We suggest you to read what we think about Dietrine first before you spend your money on it. Let’s see what Dietrine is, how it works, and its side effects.

So what is Dietrine?

Dietrine diet pill is created from chromium chelavite and phaseolamin. These ingredients can control your weight management by blocking your carb intake and suppressing your appetite. Chromium chelavite has been proven as a very effective appetite suppressant. Even though many dieticians still consider hoodia gordonii as a better appetite suppressant but chromium chelavite could also help you to fight your food cravings. Meanwhile, phaseolamin works by blocking your carbohydrate consumption. It works in a similar way with orlistat (in Alli). The difference is, orlistat blocks your fat intake and phaseolamin blocks your carb intake.

How effective Dietrine is?

To answer this simple question, we have surveyed around 50 people who ever used Dietrine. Around 24% of them have successfully lost their weight after they consumed Dietrine but most of them failed (or at least they thought they failed) to lose weight faster after they used this drug. Theoretically Dietrine is not different with any low-carb diet programs. It will help you to lose your carbohydrate consumption and in the end you will lose your glycogen and body water. Hence, you would lose weight faster in the first weeks. But you will gain your weight back soon after you regain your body water and glycogen. Even if you can maintain your weight soon after you stop using Dietrine, it would be because of your discipline in exercising.

The side effects

Medication using Dietrine is risky for your health because glycogen is crucially needed to control our muscle placements. Lack of glycogen would guide you to atrophy (muscle loss). That’s why most people always told us to eat enough carbohydrate because it’s simply important for our health. Beside atrophy, Dietrine may also cause constipation and headaches.


According to statistic and deep researches, it seems Dietrine is not worth your money. It’s not expensive (which is a good news) but its effectiveness remains doubtful until today. The popularity of low-carb diet plans doesn’t mean you have better chance to lose weight with Dietrine. The side effects and the poor test results have proved everything.