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Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgery Diet

Bariatric Surgery basically denotes the surgery done for your weight loss and after the surgery you must follow a balanced Bariatric Surgery Diet. The Bariatric Surgery Diet after and before the surgery are different and should be taken care off well. Bariatric Surgery Diet is what you are allowed to eat during the surgery period...More Please

Does Nutrisystem Have Meal Plans That Cater to Vegetarians and Vegans?

Not all vegetarians and vegans are slim and healthy, contrary to prevalent preconceived notions on plant-based diets. White rice and salted potato chips are vegan, but they are definitely not healthy, so a vegan who keeps stuffing herself with overly-processed, nutritionally-depleted, and calorie-dense vegan foods will end up sick and overweight just like anyone on...More Please

Is Your Diet Toxic?

The top functional medicine physicians and holistic health experts agree: toxicity is a major contributing factor in weight gain, as well as the inability to lose weight. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber – all of which are thought to block the absorption of and/or help remove various...More Please