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Camille Guaty Finds Success with BistroMD

You might recognize cute, sleek, and slender celebrity Camille Guaty from the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past or various television guest starring roles and pilots, but did you know that she maintained that physique with the help of BistroMD? The goal of BistroMD is to create “restaurant quality foods” that are nutritionally balanced and designed to help consumers lose weight.

Camille Guaty says that it was while on the set filming for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past that she really came to love the meals from BristroMD. They were delivered right to her home on location and each day she knew precisely which meal she would have and was confident that the meals would help her maintain her figure.

What Camille Guaty likes about Bistro MD

Without BistroMD Guaty would have been faced with selecting meals provided on set, which didn’t always necessarily offer healthy choices and which were often high in sodium and fat – processed foods. She has recommended it to her friends and several of them have now also started using the service. For Guaty it appears that there are several factors that make her enthusiastic about BistroMD and how it helps her maintain a healthy body weight and figure.

BistroMD is convenient for Guaty. She has less work to do – no grocery shopping, planning and analyzing ingredients, or preparing food.
Guaty says the meals are delicious – just as she would expect to order and receive from a quality restaurant.
Ordering can be personalized. Guaty loves that she has been able to customize her ordering. She used to order and specify no pork products, but now she has decided to order vegetarian meals. All of her meals are vegetable based and she says they are delicious.
For Guaty, ordering is easy. She calls in her order and can change the location of delivery depending upon her work schedule, no matter where she is in the country.

Could BistroMD Work for Me?

It seems that BistroMD offers something new in the diet food world – fresh food prepared by real chefs, then frozen without losing all of the flavor.

When I first heard Camille Guaty share her story, there were several things that stood out for me.

Fresh food – With all of the processed foods surrounding our families, the idea of fresh food prepared by trained chefs is something a lot of us wish we could have.

Convenience – There are several plans offered by BistroMD to fit different lifestyles. You can choose 5 or 7 days a week of meals, and choose a plan with or without snacks. For working women who are gone from home and busy Monday through Friday, this kind of convenience could really help them make sure they are eating healthy foods as they maintain their active lifestyles. For families this might pose a problem, especially if Mom is responsible for preparing the family dinner, but doesn’t eat it.

Cost – Camille Guaty never really mentions cost for the BistroMD program. Probably because 1) she is a celebrity and spends more on shoes than I do on my vehicle and 2) she is living a busy independent lifestyle where others aren’t dependent on her for their meals. The minimum amount you would spend on a meal plan for 5 days is $129.95. If you eat out most of the time, this can actually be a cost saver. However, for a mom like me with a husband and 4 kids, I usually spend this much on groceries each week for the entire family. Come to think of it, my family probably thinks my cooking is a lot like BistroMD – convenient, prepared to order, fresh, and delivered to their kitchen table! (even better than the doorstep).