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The Best Carb Blockers

carb blockersMany scientists and physicians around the globe have been warning people of the dangers of obesity and they have been suggesting many remedial measures including use of some of the Best Carb Blockers (also called as Carbohydrate Blockers). Obesity has been the cause for many ailments including diabetes, blood pressure and a host of other serious ailments. Few medicines are available to combat obesity; but these medicines have many side effects. The only alternative course suggested is surgery. Except for this, the modern medical science is yet to find a medicine to combat obesity.

How Best Carbohydrate Blockers function?

Some enterprising scientists have done extensive R & D and have brought some of the best Carb Blockers. Also called as Starch Blockers, these are normally made of wheat and bean germ extract. The body has an enzyme which breaks down the starchy carbohydrates and this gets into the blood stream. The carbohydrate blockers actually inhibit or restrict the digestive capacity of the enzyme by about 35% to 45% and as a result, there is substantial reduction in the carbohydrate entering into the blood stream. Thereby the accumulation of fat in the blood substantially gets reduced. On the other hand, the unabsorbed food is excreted through the digestive system in the form of stools or urine.

What are the Best Carbohydrate Blockers?

After long scientific study, experts are of the opinion that Meratol, Dietrine and Decarb are considered as the most apt among the best carb blockers. The Carbohydrate Blocker must be such that it does not cause any side effects. Although they are organic products, some of the combinations used in their preparations are likely to cause some side effects. But experts are of the opinion that the three Blockers mentioned above namely, Meratol, Dietrine and Decarb can be considered to be safe and they do not have any side effect whatsoever.

The three most suitable Best carbohydrate blockers:


One of the best carbohydrate blocker namely Meratol is considered as the ‘lifesaver’ and is considered to be the ‘perfect balanced diet’. This carbohydrate Blocker contains extract of pepper which is known to activate the process of metabolism, extracts of capsicum which burns up to 278 calories, extract of Opuntia edible extract which prevents water retention, Brown Seaweed extract which removes fats accumulated around abdomen etc and also regulates Blood Pressure, extract of Prickly pear which when consumed increases in volume thus prevents excess consumption of food.


The next one amid best carb blockers is Dietrine. The main ingredient of Dietrine is extracted from kidney bean, a popular vegetable world over. From the time Dietrine was introduced many forms of this Carbohydrate blocker with various other combination of natural extracts have been introduced. This blocker is known to inhibit to a large extent the calorie absorption property of the digestive enzyme. Also called ‘Slimming pill’, it is also known to suppress appetite. Most of the blockers or slimming pills cause many side effects like nausea, gastrointestinal problems etc. But, dietrine is an exception and experts are of the opinion that this blocker can be safely used without any side effect.


The other best Carbohydrate Blocker is Decarb. Just a Decarb pill before the meals would be sufficient to inhibit the digestive enzymes. As a result of inhibition of digestive enzymes, the starchy food passes through the large intestine without entering the blood stream. Decarb is also made from white kidney beam and scientists are of the opinion that this is the best glycoprotein complex made from natural products. Moderate food with moderate exercise is all that the person on Decarb carbohydrate blocker has to do. Experts are of the opinion Decarb is safe and there are no side effects whatsoever.

Considering the ingredients of each of the best carb blockers mentioned above, experts are of the opinion that Meratol is more effective in combating obesity. They are of the opinion Meratol carbohydrate blocker is natural, enhances metabolism and thereby reduces fatigue and improves the endurance. It is one of the very few carbohydrate blockers which has multi combination formula which does not cause any side effects. Experts also are of the opinion that Meratol has long endurance and it is the best carb blockers and cortisol blockers available in the market now.

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