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Bariatric Surgery Diet

Bariatric Surgery basically denotes the surgery done for your weight loss and after the surgery you must follow a balanced Bariatric Surgery Diet. The Bariatric Surgery Diet after and before the surgery are different and should be taken care off well.

Bariatric Surgery Diet is what you are allowed to eat during the surgery period and has to follow strictly by the patients in order to get the best results. They need to stay on baby food and liquid protein for quite some time and consume lipid proteins. You must chose your food very sensibly during this period as the food intake capability is minimal at this stage but the necessary requirements of nutrients has to fulfilled.

Bariatric Surgery Diet

There are three main stages at which the diet plans really matters which are before the surgery, just after the surgery and after the surgery diet for you. These diets are elaborated as given below:

Diet Before Surgery

The more your body mass will be the more the problem will arise. So it’s better to stick to a meal which will bring down your weight and can help make you a little thin. You also need to supply proper amount of nutrients to your body to let it heal from surgery properly and make the process smooth. It also helps in reducing surgery complications. You should opt for high protein and low carb diet as this could help you in reduce bleeding and enhance healing after the surgery.

Just after the Surgery Diet

Your doctor after examining wil surely gives you a strict instruction on your diet which is bible for you and must have to follow. Following their advice you may get healed well before you think of it to be. Just after the surgery you are not allowed to take solid food and will have to sustain on liquids such as juice or water. You can add powdered protein to your liquid diet and can have certain soups with mixing and grinding them well. This has to be continued till the 6th or 8th week from the surgery after which you would be able to have solid food.

After Bariatric Surgery

A long term Bariatric diet consist of the five main aspects which has to be taken care of the patients and should be followed by them to the rest of their lives. You need to eat healthy food rich in nutrients and proteins, keep your blood sugar on check, adequate amount of water intake and leave snacking to stay fit and healthy throughout your life.

Bariatric Surgery Diet is very crucial for the patients suffering from overweight and are thinking of going through a Bariatric Surgery to shed the extra kilos from their body. Bariatric Surgery Diet is not only important because it helps you suggest the food you should have during the surgery but also important because this keeps you safe and secure from obesity for rest of your lives.