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Acai Berry and DetoxPlus Review

The Acai Berry Complex is a special blend that primarily contains 100% pure Acai Berry. It also comes with some of the most effective weight loss and health enhancement ingredients known to us, such as the green tea extract, guarana extract, white kidney bean and the bee pollen extract, etc.

Pure Acai Berry is one of the most well known weight loss ingredient and it is reported to provide many health advantages. It can not only improve your circulatory system but also provide lots of minerals and vitamins required to maintain a good health. The Acai Berry Complex combines the power of pure Acai Berry with those of green tea, guarana and bee pollen to form an incredibly powerful weight loss supplement. And to take full advantage of this highly effective supplement, you need an equally effective colon cleansing system. That is the reason why the Acai Berry Complex is being offered with the DetoxPlus.

Why Acai Berry and DetoxPlus Combo?

100% Pure Acai Berry: The Acai Berry Complex is a special formulation of 100% pure Acai Berry powder. Each capsule is packed with 100mg of pure freeze-dried Acai Berry directly imported from the Amazon forest where the Acai Berry trees naturally grow.

Extra Health Benefits: Since the Acai Berry Complex also contains extracts from Green Tea and Bee Pollen, it comes packed with full of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals that provide extra health benefits. The complex not helps you lose weight faster but also improves your overall health and increases your immune response.

Effective Colon Cleanser: When taken along with the DetoxPlus, one of the best colon cleansing capsules available in the market, the Acai Berry Complex has been proven to provide maximum weight loss effect and maximum health benefits as well.

Value for Money: With the discount offer featured on the official website, the one month’s Acai Berry Complex and the Colon Cleanse pack costs only £29.95. Compared to other popular Acai Berry products, it is surely a great value for money.

Where to Buy?

Order diet pills and DetoxPlus Combo only from its official internet store and get up to 50% discount. If you are in the UK, you are also eligible for their incredible free shipping offer!


Acai Berry Complex is a 100% pure Forskolin formulation that also contains other powerful weight loss ingredients like green tea, guarana extracts, etc. It offers a wide range of health benefits and gives the best result when taken along with DetoxPlus. The combo pack costs only £29.95 and comes as a highly recommended weight loss pill from our reviewers.