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5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Weight gain for teens is normally the result of eating habits and lifestyle rather than genetic issues. Read below useful weight loss tips especially on eating habits for healthy weight loss purpose. Normally, these eating habits are learned from your family members while some are picked up on your own. Make use of these weight loss tips in order to lose weight effectively.

Weight loss tips #1: Watch out Family Tradition

Family tradition can lead to overeating. Paying attention to these traditions can help you lose weight as well as not put on any extra weight. As most people (parents) work outside nowadays, they will treat dinner together with children as an event, which usually involve plenty of rich foods. That encourage overeating because you are expected to take large amounts of food on your plate.

Weight loss tips #2: Build Healthy Eating Habit

There are no other people more important than parents to build healthy eating habit to their children. As parents, you need to build correct eating habit since your kids are small. One of my friends William for example, teaches his kids about the food portion through games. Whoever eats the right food portion (vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and fruits) will be rewarded 2 points. The points are accumulated to the month end, and rewards are given accordingly. His kids love that, and have built a good eating habit since then.

Weight loss tips #3: Adjust Eating Habit

Eating to make you feel better is another concern in healthy weight loss for teens. This is a habit that can be learned or picked up. In fact, most of the time this habit is taught by a well meaning parent wishing to cheer their child up. A parent may take their child out for ice cream after the child has been disappointed or get good school results. Some will bring their child home a dessert if the parent knows the child spirits had been down. This teaches you to sooth yourself with sweets in order to feel better or for any celebration purpose.

Weight loss tips #4: Held Discussion

Teens should be open with their parents when it comes to losing weight. Most important, they have to get their parent’s support for healthy weight loss. Oftentimes, it is necessary to solicit their help too as you cannot lose weight on your own. In fact, you have to involve all your family members to increase the successful rate in losing weight, as they would know what you are trying to do and do their shares in helping you achieve your healthy weight loss goal.

Weight loss tips #5: Make Fun of Exercise

Cutting out food is not the only thing teens should do for healthy weight loss purpose. In fact, Teens should perform regular exercise. Thus, exercise needs to be made fun for teens. For example, teens may involve sports like basketball, volleyball, and wrestling rather than walk on the treadmill. The key is to find something that is tailored to the particular teens’ interests. Any exercise is better than none.

Besides above weight loss tips, it is recommended that teens should always seek consultation from respective health expert especially when they want to lose weight drastically. This is because it is very important to regulate their body’s nutritional needs while dieting, and correct food and nutrition is always important for their growth.