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2020’s Forskolin Review: Is This Product a Miraculous Natural Remedy?

forskolin for weight loss review

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The roots of plant Coleus Forskohlii is a source of Forskolin.

This plant grows in India, Nepal, Thailand, and other South Asianh countries. The highest amount of Forskolin is actually available in the plant roots.

There is no scientific proof that the other parts of the plant offer the same health benefits as the root does.

This compound is actually an extract available in a number of supplements.

According to the studies, just 15% of overweight and obese people can effectively shed extra pounds when choosing ordinary weight-loss techniques. And people who were dissatisfied with these techniques tend to rely on the healing properties of Forskolin.

Forskolin is known for its ability to boost the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate.

The increase in cAMP levels promotes the decrease in fat percentage and the enhancement of other weight-loss ingredients’ effects.


Forskolin 250


Forskolin 250 is the top-class anti-obesity supplement that consists of pure Forskolin extract.

It’s clear from the product name there are 250 mg of extract in each capsule.

Forskolin is really effective for decreasing fat percentage in the body because it promotes the synthesis of cAMP.

In its turn, cAMP is responsible for elevating the levels of HSL, an enzyme that stimulates fat breakdown.

By killing fat cells and releasing free fatty acids, HSL enhances thermogenic processes in the body. This enhancement will help you get rid of a larger amount of body fat. But the lean muscle mass will not decrease.

That’s why your body fat percentage will drop fast, effectively, and naturally.

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Animal Study

In 2014, the rat study was carried out to determine how Forskolin combined with Rolipram influences the female rats’ bodies.

The study lasted for 10 weeks and involved 50 female rats. There were 5 groups of rats such as a control group and 4 groups where diet and supplementation were combined in different ways.

It was found out that Forskolin taken along with Rolipram activated lipolysis and suppressed body weight gain due to the elevation of cAMP levels. By raising cAMP levels, Forskolin triggers the fat destroying process.

So, the scientists concluded that Forskolin may be an effective weight gain management tool.

The human studies which we will consider further have confirmed this animal study conclusion.

The Way of Using Forskolin to Destroy Fat

The world got to know about a great potential of Forskolin to contribute to the weight loss during the Dr. Oz Show in January 2014. Since that time, this substance has earned fame in the US as an effective natural weight loss ingredient.

It should firstly be noted that the generally accepted dosage of Forskolin has not been determined. Numerous studies and healthcare professionals claim that dosage may vary.

For example, Dr. Oz is convinced that it’s necessary to consume 125 mg of 10% pure Forskolin extract before breakfast.

Website ShareCare.com associated with the Dr. Oz Show gives the opinion of natural supplement experts who advise to take 50 mg of Forskolin on the daily basis.

According to the 12 week lasting study, which involved men with obesity, it was enough to consume 250 mg of 10% Forskolin extract 2 times daily to achieve fat loss effect.

During another study, which lasted for 12 weeks and involved women with moderate weight gain, it was also suggested to take 250 mg of 10% Forskolin to get fat loss results.

There is a wide range of Forskolin containing supplements. And the dosage of this major active ingredient may differ, depending on the product you select. In fact, the diet pills may include 125-500 mg of Forskolin. Typically, it’s necessary to take the supplement 2 times per day. There is a scientific proof that the higher dosage of Forskolin is used the more intense lipolysis is. As a result, the release of fat from adipose tissue is stimulated. The most reasonable solution is to begin supplementation with the dosage that varies between 25 mg and 60 mg per day. Then it’s necessary to gradually increase the dosage as soon as your body adjusts to the amount of supplement you take.

Nevertheless, it’s strongly not recommended to choose the dosage of Forskolin without a highly qualified medical assistance. That’s why it’s necessary to visit a healthcare provider who will tell you which dosage is suitable for you exactly.

forskolin weight loss

Topical Application for Fat Loss

One study conducted in 1987 and described in Clinical Therapeutics gave evidence that it’s also possible to apply Forskolin topically in order to decrease thigh fat in women. The women noticed significant improvement, comparing to the participants from the placebo group.

Another study describing the use of Forskolin in topical slimming products was carried out in 2011. Besides this ingredient, the product consisted of ethylenediamine, carnitine, tetrahydroxypropyl, retinol, and caffeine. For 12 weeks, the product was applied to waist, abdomen, buttocks, and hips.

As a result, the circumference of these body areas reduced. For 2 months of the use, the product also provided a considerable relief from cellulite symptoms.

It means that topical application of Forskolin is a promising way to eliminate fat from the body trouble areas. Of course, this method has an indirect impact on the fat mass. But it may become a worthy option for those who wish to try topical methods for decreasing body fat.

How Forskolin Contributes to Weight Loss

Decreases the feeling of hunger
Food gives you energy. But the excessive food intake always leads to the weight gain. If you manage to reduce food cravings, you can eat less. The energy expenditure will be greater than energy intake. This will cause calorie deficit. The calorie deficit is a necessary condition for the effective weight loss.

Promotes fat release
Forskolin acts by releasing fat storages from fat cells, meeting the body demand for energy. This fat release still should be obligatorily followed by a calorie deficit in order the weight loss could be possible. So, you should burn more calories than you store.

Boosts metabolic rate
Slow metabolism leads to the formation of fat deposits and the increased body weight. But if you accelerate your metabolism, you will also trigger the fat burning mechanism. The decrease in body fat percentage will beneficially change your body composition.

Decreases food assimilation
Food that you consume passes a long way in the gastrointestinal tract till your body cells get building material and energy; that is, till the food is assimilated in your body. But a calorie surplus makes you gain unwanted pounds. The decrease in food assimilation prevents this situation and promotes weight loss.

Preserves muscle mass
Supplementation is very promising for everyone who aspires to cut fat percentage but at the same time preserve muscle mass. It’s great news for people whose target is to improve the body composition. Favorable body composition changes will not be long in coming.

Eliminates fatigue
Fatigue during workouts is a widespread issue because of which many people don’t want to do workouts. Since Forskolin reduces and prevents fatigue, you will have an opportunity stick to your workout plan more successfully and develop bigger muscles.

Additional Forskolin Benefits Related to Fat Loss

It’s a well-known fact that Forskolin is widely used in the supplement industry for fat burning and energy levels lifting purposes. Both men and women can benefit from the intake of this supplement. Besides the fat loss itself, the supplementation results in some additional benefits related to the slimming process. They are:

    Improved digestion. Stable digestion is what everyone trying to lose weight should strive for first of all. If there are no problems associated with the digestive system functioning, a person will easily manage excessive weight issue and will be able to maintain the results
    Elevated cyclic AMP levels. The mechanism of Forskolin action implies activation of different kinds of the enzyme adenylyl cyclase and hence elevation cAMP levels. This compound brings into action all enzymes available in cells and tissues. It has an indirect impact on a wide range of cellular functions. Fat destroying process is also impossible without cAMP effects. That’s why Forskolin intake is a natural and simple way to shed body fat effectively. In addition, since cAMP participates in different body functions, it also helps overcome various medical conditions. So, the supplementation leads to the improvement of the overall health.


According to the results of studies in cats, coleus forskohlii, when taken orally, features a high absorption rate in the digestive tract. In rats, the substance features a high absorption rate in the intestinal tract and large bowel. But still the greatest efficiency of absorption is typical for duodenum.

Forskolin undergoes P-glycoprotein intestinal efflux. When P-glycoprotein inhibitor is congested, oral administration of the substance may become even more beneficial.

Toxicity Level

Toxicity level of coleus forskohlii is not high. But the supplement can stimulate acid secretion in the stomach. The patients with stomach ulcer should avoid supplementation since it may be harmful for them.


Aortic cells typically enhance calcium absorption as a reaction to the influence of cAMP. However, the process of incubating Forskolin for 20 hours may decrease the effects of cAMP exposure on these cells. This incubation still doesn’t affect the sensitivity of adenylate cyclase. As a result, it’s possible to boost refractory adaptation. In other cells, refractoriness depended on protein synthesis. Isoproterenol can imitate the development of refractoriness.

Allergic Symptoms Relief

Forskolin is long famous for its high potential to relieve symptoms of different allergic conditions. According to the study findings, Forskolin is one of the natural substances which can substantially reduce the allergen concentrations in blood when anaphylactic reaction happens. In particular, it was proven that this compound makes the walls of vessels less permeable.
Forskolin can also make the airways of the lungs wider. Due to this fact, the substance is very beneficial for curing asthma and the other diseases of respiratory system. The clinical trial has indicated that the frequency of asthma attacks in the patients decreased by 45% after 8-month Forskolin supplementation. The participants took 10 mg of this natural compound every day during the whole study period.

Heart Support

The animal studies have demonstrated that Forskolin takes an active part in restoring heart tissues, which suffer from cardiac insufficiency. The substance also boosts the activity of myocardial adenylate cyclase, which is a very important enzyme for proper heart functioning. Thus, this enzyme is available in the heart tissues. The lack of this enzyme will cause dangerous cellular problems in the heart tissues. Forskolin prevents this situation. Due to the intake of this substance, it’s possible to improve heart rate and dilate blood vessels. That’s why the doctors even prescribe Forskolin for treating congestive cardiomyopathy. But of course, such treatment is possible only under medical supervision.

Forskolin Benefits for Nervous System

According to the results of numerous studies, it’s obvious that Forskolin extracted from Coleus Forskohlii has quite strong impact on the state of neurons.
Coleus Forskohlii containing tea has a protective action on the enzyme known under the name of acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme is important for nerve cells. In other words, Coleus Forskohlii is a kind of antidote for the body.

A study in rats, suffering from brain damage, has indicated that a special Forskolin derivative called NKH477 helped these rats avoid possible complications. This effect was achieved due to the increase in cAMP levels.

cAMP is irreplaceable for the adequate functioning of nerve cells and, therefore, trouble-free functioning of the whole nervous system. Thus, intracellular messenger is a strong weapon against toxic proteins which may damage nerve cells during a range of diseases.

cAMP is also responsible for the work of hypophysis located in brain. A human body can’t survive without this gland. It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of hypophysis since it produces the vital hormones, without which the endocrine system will fail. Due to the availability of cAMP, hypophysis cells are able to adapt to ever-changing environments.

When Forskolin intensifies cAMP production, it enhances nerve cells of hypophysis to synthesize electrical signals and other significant chemical substances.
Due to the action of cAMP, hypophysis starts secreting much more prolactin. This hormone is responsible for high milk supply. So, the increase in prolactin levels is very important for breastfeeding women. By the way, high prolactin levels also elevate mood and improve overall well-being in women.

cAMP is useful for the treatment of nerve injuries. Thus, it’s possible to administer cAMP injections along with the intake of cell growth-promoting medications. As a result, nerve cells will grow and regenerate after damage.

In addition, Forskolin can be used as a cancer cell-reprogramming technique. With its help, new nerve cells known under the name of astrocytes will emerge.

cAMP levels have an influence on the eye retina. In particular, if cAMP levels are normal, retina develops properly.

Forskolin also works by improving the functioning of nerve cells which ensure that a person has a normal sense of hearing.

The study in rats has also demonstrated that Forskolin stimulates the production of protein TrkB which is important for overcoming memory loss caused by injuries.

Forskolin is also applied as an auxiliary tool for curing different nerve diseases including schizophrenia, asautism, and epilepsy.

Other Potential Advantages

A variety of studies have confirmed that Forskolin can be applied for curing the following diseases:

  • Menstrual cramps
  • High eye pressure problem
  • Hypertension
  • Loss of sleep
  • Psoriasis
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Bladder pain syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Erectile dysfunction

In all these cases, Forskolin can be used as an auxiliary tool which promotes the success of the conventional treatment methods. It’s a science-backed fact that the abovementioned medical conditions respond to Forskolin treatment. And this approach is safe when controlled by the healthcare experts.

Is It Possible to Stack Forskolin?

You may probably guess whether you can stack any supplement alongside Forskolin when trying to get rid of unwanted pounds. You can find this ingredient combined with many other fat burning ingredients in different weight loss supplements. It’s also believed that a high potential of Forskolin to intensify cellular receptor activity may enhance the effects of the other fat-killing active substances. The best weight-loss solution is to stack Forskolin with Yohimbine.

Is It Necessary to Cycle It?

There is no science-backed information proving that Forskolin should be cycled to preserve supplementation results or enhance the product effects. That’s why you can take the supplement as long as you think it’s necessary. So, you can use this product not only during the weight loss process, but also if you want to keep the weight off. But of course, it’s recommended to consult a healthcare practitioner in any case.

Is Forskolin Available in Foods?

There is only one known source of Forskolin. And it’s an herb, not foods. Moreover, scientific proof of Forskolin efficacy applies to the root extract only. The efficacy and safety of the other parts of herb have not been investigated.

Forskolin Forms

Forskolin can be found in 4 forms:


It’s a liquid form which typically doesn’t imply the commercial use. Intravenous form accelerates absorption of the active ingredient in the patients, suffering from idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy. But the patient should have a prescription in order to cure the heart condition with this intravenous Forskolin. This should be done in medical settings


Powder form is suitable for the patients who are diagnosed with asthma. The prescription is needed to use this treatment method. It’s necessary to use an inhalator for this purpose


Drops are used for curing glaucoma. 1% Forskolin solution is instilled as eye drops. You should visit a doctor before starting such glaucoma treatment


This form is the most widespread one. Numerous dietary supplements containing Forskolin are available in a pill form. They are very popular now and easy to use
Now you know that different Forskolin forms are intended for different purposes. And you will not get confused when making a purchase.

Adverse Effects

People who have no medical conditions usually don’t suffer from any Forskolin adverse effects. But still the list of possible adverse effects includes hypotension, headache, and racing heart. Forskolin is also known for its ability to stimulate gastric acid secretion. That’s why for the patients with ulcer it’s not recommended to use this extract. Forskolin is also not suitable for the patients with diabetes since the extract promotes the elevation of glucose levels and has an impact on the release of lipids.

Forskolin Precautions

Many companies try to persuade the overweight people that their products contribute to the weight loss because they contain Forskolin. But a lot of these companies are dishonest. They sell the products which include either unmeasured amount of this active ingredient or unknown ingredients. Make sure that the product you choose doesn’t include doubtful chemical compounds, fillers, and additives.

So, it’s advisable to choose the supplements which contain only pure Forskolin. Typically, the percentage of the pure natural extract in these supplements doesn’t exceed 10%. Look for the well-established companies in order to buy the Forskolin-containing supplements from them without a risk to your health. And of course, you should always adhere to the user guidelines provided by the manufacturer to avoid any unpleasant supplementation consequences.

There is evidence that even if the weight-loss target is reached the supplementation may be continued to maintain the results.


Women should avoid Forskolin during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The studies proving that the extract is not harmful for these women have not been conducted yet. You shouldn’t take Forskolin if you are now taking vasorelaxants, antithrombotic drugs, beta adrenergic blocking agents, and calcium channel inhibitors. Consult the healthcare practitioner before starting supplementation to ensure own safety and prevent any complications.

Are you suspicious of existing fat burning pills and don’t believe they are effective? And you really have every reason for this.

The majority of available options are simply useless. But there are even supplements which can be harmful. However, it’s not about Forskolin.

Forskolin is quite an innovative product in the dietary supplementation realm. The studies gave evidence that it has a great potential to solve the overweight problem. It’s a reasonable decision to complement your weight loss program with such a supplementation.

It’s worth remembering that you shouldn’t fall into the trap of advertisements. You should realize that Forskolin can’t decrease body fat percentage by a few times and can’t kill belly fat instantly.

This supplement promotes easier and quicker weight and fat loss only in the combination with a well thought-out nutrition plan, regular workout regimen, and other trustworthy fat loss pills.

You should, of course, cut junk food consumption, while increase consumption of healthy foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients, and micronutrients.
In the course of time, you will achieve considerable fat loss results and get the desirable body composition.

Author: Nancy Gilmore
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